MSHA Training

Comprehensive Training for New & Experienced Miners

Mine Safety Health Administration MSHA New Miner Training is a mandatory 24 Hour introductory course designed for newly employed and inexperienced miners/contractors needing to conduct work at a mine site with no previous MSHA Training

We offer both innovative and affordable training targeting the most important thing which is the safety and health of the miners, workers, and contractors.  We offer regularly scheduled classes. If you desire to have the training done at your facility we offer classes at your desired location.

Our Mining Training Process

While mines are indispensable to the overall growth and development of the economy, they are considered relatively hazardous places for workers.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) oversees all mine safety in the United States, and they require each person who works in a mine to be trained in safety and compliance. We offer quality training for all mining professionals and contractors under parts 46 and 48.

Professional Safety Services

Part 46

This covers various aspects of surface mining operations. You need Part 46 training if your mine focuses on shell dredging, sand, gravel, surface clay or stone, surface limestone, or colloidal phosphate mining, or if you are planning to start working in a mine similar to the ones listed above. We offer MSHA-approved training courses for inexperienced and newly-hired miners.

Part 48

Part 48 covers all surface coal mines, all underground mines, and some surface metal/nonmetal mines. Our certified instructors and MSHA-approved courses are designed to keep you and your miners safe at the workplace.

MSHA New Miner Training

The MSHA New Miner Training is an introductory course designed meticulously to educate and train new and inexperienced miners on safety and workplace health hazards. We provide training under both part 46 and part 48, and this course is a 24-hour mandatory course.

MSHA Annual Refresher Training

This is a renewal course based on mine safety and health hazards and is required annually to maintain compliance with MSHA guidelines. MSHA Annual Refresher Training includes training under part 46 and part 48 and is an 8-hour mandatory course.

MSHA On-Site Compliance Assistance Visit

We provide compliance assistance visits at the request of the mine operator. This is done to help you make informed decisions about unsafe conditions or behaviors that can be immediately corrected. We offer:

  • On-site Compliance Assistance Visit
  • On-site MSHA Compliance Training – Part 46 and Part 48